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Rejoice, CPA Exam Candidates, Your Fourth Score Release For the Second Half of 2020 Is Here

Chugging right along for what will no doubt be considered the worst recorded year in human history, there’s at least a small bit of good news to be gleaned from the dumpster fire that is 2020: CPA exam scores continue to be released on time.

In a follow-up tweet posted an hour later, NASBA announced that some scores were already here, with the rest to drop at the expected 7 p.m. CDT time.

This release will mark the fourth bunch of CPA exam scores released since continuous testing was launched in July. Your benevolent overlords of CPA licensure are currently 4:0 on releasing scores not only on time but in some cases early. *cue golf clap*

Let’s go ahead and cross October 9 off the list, just three more score releases remain then we can finally throw this whole year in the garbage where it belongs.

Testing Window: July 1 – December 31, 2020

If you take your exam on/before: Your target score release date is:
July 23 August 7
August 16 August 25
September 8 September 16
September 30 October 9
October 23 November 10
November 16 November 24
December 8 December 16
December 31 January 12

Dates via AICPA

Good luck, everyone.