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Quote of the Day: “The War For Talent Is Over. Talent Won.”

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Fresh off the presses from CNBC, PwC US Chair Tim Ryan just dropped the mic on the talent shortage:

In the headlines, the war for talent is still taking place on two fronts, with a hot labor market still tilted to job seekers even in a cooler economy, and companies testing the power they have post-pandemic to mandate a return to office.

On that second front, though, PWC U.S. Chairman Tim Ryan says the winner has already been declared.

“The war for talent is over. Talent won,” Ryan said at the CNBC Work Summit on Wednesday.

The PWC chairman’s view of this shift in the balance of power between management and labor is key coming from a firm with nearly 300,000 workers, over two-thirds of whom are millennials and represent a departure from the work paradigm built during the baby boomer and Gen X generations.

The war for talent is over. Talent won, says PwC U.S. chairman Tim Ryan [CNBC]

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