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Hey, So We Were Totally Right About That Carmine Di Sibio Thing

Carmine Di Sibio

Back when Mark Weinberger announced his pending retirement from EY late last year, the tipster who provided us that information included another tidbit: that Carmine Di Sibio would take his place. Of course, spokespeeps at EY would not confirm that part, but we felt comfortable enough with their nervousness over us having that info that we ran a wildly speculative post on Di Sibio taking Weinberger’s place as a just in case.

Well, turns out our tipster was right.

Today the firm announced Di Sibio has officially been elected EY global chairman and CEO effective July 1, 2019. He is currently EY’s global managing partner for client service, a post he has held since 2013, and has been with the firm for 33 years. In addition, he co-chairs the EY Global Diversity and Inclusiveness Steering Committee, because every diversity committee needs a healthy smattering of old dudes to keep things balanced, ya know.

Other than press releases and a little Internet stalking, we don’t know a ton about Di Sibio, but I’m sure that will change come July. As far as we can tell, he’s a smart, generous dude (he does some volunteer charity work) who is obviously qualified for this role.

Weinberger says, “Carmine is an outstanding and inclusive leader who has a foundation in audit and in serving the largest EY clients. He is a leader who understands the importance of diverse and inclusive teams, and he knows how to engage people to reach their full potential. I believe the organization has made an exceptional choice, and Carmine is the right EY global chairman and CEO in these transformative times.”

Di Sibio added, “I am honored to be chosen to lead this great organization, which I have been part of for over 33 years. The role we play in the capital markets and the work each and every one of the 270,000 EY people do every day to create a better working world are things of which I’m very proud. It’s been a great opportunity to work with Mark and the leadership team on the development and execution of our Vision 2020 strategy over the past six years. I’m excited to build on the significant legacy and strong foundation we have here at EY.”

As for our tipster, Bramwell and I asked each other out loud if it could have been Weinberger himself. I mean think about it … who else would have known all those details? If so, it would be the greatest troll of all time, tipping the enemy to your own news.