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PwC Presents: A Day in the Life of a PwC Audit

Well, this video has one thing going for it, in that it isn't nearly as awkward as Deloitte's cringeworthy Homo Deloittus. Note we said "nearly."

The soft voices remind me of the soon-to-be-abandoned young girls of MTV's 16 and Pregnant, who speak softly for fear they might scare away their irresponsible baby daddies (who are scared away anyway). WHY ARE YOU SPEAKING SO QUIETLY?!

What I learned from this:

  • you can wear jeans to the client site if your client is the world's most well-known jeans manufacturer
  • auditing cash is exciting and definitely not tedious or repetitive at all
  • being a senior manager ages you prematurely

Did I miss anything?


h/t Reddit