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A PwC Jack-o-lantern? A PwC Jack-o-lantern

It isn't easy to show love for your accounting firm during the Halloween season. No one is going to appreciate your Bill Deloitte and George Touche costumes and most parents would NEVER allow their eat anything that says "KPMG Kandy" on it. Fortunately, an enterprising PwC employee has shared a creation with us and extended a challenge to the rest of you that may serve as inspiration:

I decided to go ahead and show my love for PwC via a pumpkin for Halloween, I Sparked a picture of it to Bob Moritz via our internal social network application and he got back to me haha.  Hope you enjoy it, Id like to see someone from another big 4 carve their own pumpkin. 

Bob Moritz did in fact respond on PwC Facebook (or whatever it's called) and the artist was kind enough to share his reaction: 

By "interesting" BoMo probably means that he prefers the Jehovah's Witness approach. And best part about this time of year is that he gets a mini-Snickers before the door gets shut in his face.

Anyone attempting to one-up this effort should immediately reserve a conference room for the rest of the day and promptly email us photos of the WIP and finished product.