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Promotion Watch ’22: The Queen’s PwC Adds 22 to the Partnership

PwC UK recently took out an ad in The Times to congratulate its newest class of PwCers who earned their stripes at the midway point of the firm’s financial year.

The ad says:

On 1 January we are promoting 22 new partners as part of our ongoing investment in our business. We wish them the greatest success as they make a difference both to our clients and our firm. The role of leaders has never been more important as we address the breadth and complexity of challenges facing organisations and society. These new partners bring diverse experience and expertise to our partnership, helping our clients to build trust, deliver sustained outcomes and solve their most important problems.

Of the 22 new equity partners, 41% are women and 14% are from a minority ethnic background, according to PwC. During last July’s partner promotions, 41% of the 63 new partners were women and 13% were minorities.

Here are the 22 newest partners at PwC UK:

  • Lisa Bark
  • Vicky Bradford
  • Dan Bunyan
  • Richard Crofton
  • Alexis Gish
  • Jamie Grigg
  • Rachael Hampton
  • Chris Holden
  • Asim Iqbal
  • Pragya Jain
  • Steward Light
  • Mark Loring
  • Tom Loukes
  • Kieragh Nelson
  • Harriet Newlyn
  • Jeff Nye
  • Vince Powell
  • Charles Samuel
  • Anthea Sizer
  • Matt Timmons
  • Timothy Vestentoft
  • Jo Whalley

Congrats everyone! Now go put a smile on Kevin Ellis’s grumpy face.