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Programming Note: We Will Now “Feature” Comments

Disqus has allowed mods to feature comments for awhile now but we haven't done it to date mostly because we didn't want to rock your boats too hard with anything new seeing as how you guys can be so change-averse. Or we just didn't feel like it. Whatever.

Well, we're going to start doing it now. In fact, we started today.

Unlike comments themselves which fall under carefully thought out community guidelines, there is no magic formula that will get your comment featured. But much like the method we use to choose which comments appear in Between the Spreadsheets each week, it helps if your comment is insightful, funny, clever, and/or helpful to the community.

Having your comment featured doesn't really do anything except put a cute little trophy next to your comment and give you the satisfaction on knowing you made a valuable contribution to the GC community. Or something like that.

Your featured comment will appear above all other comments like this:

You can help us feature good comments by upvoting comments you find valuable (or funny or cynical or so stupid we should put it right at the top so we can all all point and laugh at that person) or give us a shout and suggest certain comments to feature.

I'm not entirely sure what this means but figured you'd like to know in case you noticed and wondering what we were up to. Carry on…