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Pretend CPA Is a Real Menace to Society, Says Pretend Doctor

Tamara Tunie – aka the medical examiner in Law & Order SVU – lost well over $1 million when her business manager and accountant Joseph Cilibrasi stole her money that she earned from a long acting career. Now, I know what you're thinking, "She's on TV, she's got plenty of money." Well, yes, she is on a hit show and has a very successful career but she's not gracing the pages of Forbes, so yeah, losing that money kinda hurts. 

As for Cilibrasi, he was claiming to be a CPA when he, in fact, wasn't and went to lengths to befriend his clients, including Tunie. Today, she and other victims got their chance to air their grievances in court and Tunie went with "malicious, cruel, diabolical, vicious" and yes, "menace to society." 

Cilibrasi, despite his faux-CPA status, was no doubt accustomed to the verbal abuse that accountants endure, as he was led to jail without comment.