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Presenting the Busy Season 2012 iPad Giveaway

It’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day or as it is more commonly known in public accounting, “the third Monday in January.” It is intended to be a day of service to our communities but most of you are simply doing the ushe – serving your clients. Not being able to observe federal holidays (President’s Day is next!) is a real bummer so hopefully the following news will cheer you up.

Today we kick off the Busy Season 2012 iPad Giveaway. For the next eight weeks, we’ll give away one iPad to some lucky duck. Busy season is a crazy time of year and we know that you don’t have as much time to waste on GC as you usually do, so the Daily Grind is the perfect to stay up to date on the quick and dirty.
Entering is easy. If you’re not currently signed up for the eNewsletter, go to the homepage and sign up at the top of the page or follow this link, enter your information, and you’ll be entered to win this week’s drawing.
Relax, those of you that are already signed up. If you’ve been receiving Daily Grind goodness, all you have to do is refer three of your friends to sign up and you’ll be entered to win. Be sure to point them to the full sign-up form and remind them, pretty please, to put YOUR email in the referrer line, so that you’re entered to win. 
Starting today, anyone that signs up through 11:59 pm PT on Saturday will be eligible for the week one drawing. If you sign up on Sunday, you’ll be eligible for the week two drawing and so forth. Winners will be determined on Mondays and we will only announce that you are a winner if you give us expressed permission to do so.  
Here are our Official (or as official as anything gets around here) Rules and Guidelines if you need more info. There’s very little to worry about, though. You sign up or you get others to sign up and you’re entered to win. Get to it.