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Preliminary Analytics | 12.30.09

Denver_fed ring toss.jpgKansas City Fed’s Denver Branch Gives Us a Peek into the Fed’s Secret Decision-Making Process – This should explain some things. [JDA]
Are lawsuits against CPA’s poised to spike? – “After a year of record-setting investor losses, a leading securities attorney warned that accounting firms will face a rising tide of enforcement actions and litigation in 2010, and should take steps to ensure their client relationship practices reflect recent court decisions.” [CPA Trendlines]
Jean Stephens, CEO RSM International – The make up sex between RSM and M&P gets a little attention but alas, no mention of NG. [Web CPA]
GMAC Set for Another Cash Infusion – According to those familiar with the sitch, GMAC is looking to get an additional $3.5 billion on top of the $12.5 bil that’s already been thrown at them. [WSJ]
FDIC Moves to Seize Slice of Bank-Stock Rallies – “Starting next year, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. will ask bidders for some seized banks to offer the agency a chance to profit if the deal is well-received by the buyer’s shareholders.” If banks are going to keep failing, why not get in on this action? [WSJ]
More ammo for the bazooka – Will the crack fiend aka the housing market score again? [Rolfe Winkler/Reuters]
Dutch To Use Full-Body Scanners For U.S. Flights – This is one of those hindsight situations. [AP]