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Preliminary Analytics | 12.08.09

you are fired.jpgHelp, I Want to Fire a Family Member from the Business – What to do when you when that idiot relative has to go. [The Exuberant Accountant]
Blogs We Like – Blogging Suits likes us. And our contributors. Thanks to Tracy Coenen for including us! [Blogging Suits]
They Weren’t There: Auditors And The Financial Crisis – If you’ve been waiting to read a post from Francine that is complitmentary to the Big 4, you’ll have to keep waiting. [Re: The Auditors]
Dubai “needs more time”; investor confidence hit – As the past has shown us, if Moody’s gets to the point where it actually has to downgrade you, that’s not a good sign. [Reuters]
Non-Reform of Rating Agencies – Speaking of Moody’s. Were they involved in this whole meltdown? [Naked Capitalism]
Green Mountain Wins Diedrich Coffee – Green Mountain out-charmed Peet’s Coffee & Tea in this particular love triangle. [DealBook]