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Preliminary Analytics | 11.25.09

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for overwhelmed.jpgSixty-Five Percent of Nevada Homeowners Underwater – That’s a lot. [The Atlantic]
Tax Burdens, Around the World – If you like to complain about taxes, move to Denmark. [Economix/NYT]
From the Hospital to Bankruptcy Court – “Last summer, Harvard researchers published a headline-grabbing paper that concluded that illness or medical bills contributed to 62 percent of bankruptcies in 2007, up from about half in 2001. More than three-fourths of those with medical debt had health insurance.” [NYT]
Microsoft CFO to leave, look for bigger job – Team Jehovah must need someone. [Reuters]
Diners Club franchise sold – The Citigroup garage sale continues. [CT]
Leadership: A Guest Post from Tenacious Truman [RTA]