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Preliminary Analytics | 10.12.09

stanford1.jpgStanford wins ruling in battle over fraud case defence – Court ruled that Stan can use proceeds from a corporate insurance policy to pay for his defense. Can we get on with the circus trial now, please? [FT]
A Case Pitting Spin Against Fraud – “How far can Wall Street firms go to put a positive spin on bad news?” Used car salesmen should probably pay attention. [WSJ]
BofA urged to seek external chief executive – Big institutional investors want fresh blood and not the next KL. [FT]
Citi fined amid tax crackdown – $600k for derivatives that were partly designed to avoid taxes is supposedly going to scare other banks into compliance. [FT]
Iceland Shrinks 8% as Prices Increase 11% in Deepest Recession – “The stock market has lost 97 percent of its value, and more than 780 companies have buckled under the weight of foreign currency loans as the krona plunged.” So, that’s not good. [Bloomberg]
Improving your credit vs paying down debt – Americans can’t win. [Felix Salmon/Reuters]