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Preliminary Analytics | 10.08.09

empticketmaster.jpgBritish Regulator Objects to Ticketmaster Merger – “Ticketmaster and Live Nation said that they would cooperate with the commission and that they remained committed to the merger. They argued that the deal would be in the public interest.” [NYT]
IBM Faces Justice Antitrust Inquiry – “The Armonk, N.Y., giant has long held a near-monopoly position in mainframes, which are large computers that can cost $1 million or more and are designed to run accounting software and databases. For decades, the company operated under terms of a 1956 consent decree with the government that required it to license mainframe technology to competitors.” [WSJ]
US deficit ‘hits record $1.4tn’ – Records are meant to broken. [BBC]
Promise of free money leads to scuffle between thousands in Detroit – “Several people reportedly passed out from exhaustion and had to be treated by emergency medical personnel.” [NYDN]
Accounting’s Patron SaintNot Arthur Andersen. [Energized Accounting]
A Windows to Help You Forget – Review of Windows Siete. Some of you can go geek out over this. [WSJ]