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Preliminary Analytics | 08.12.09

ben_old.jpgEconomists Call for Bernanke to Stay, Say Recession Is Over – “Economists are nearly unanimous that Ben Bernanke should be reappointed to another term as Federal Reserve chairman, and they said there is a 71% chance that President Barack Obama will ask him to stay on, according to a survey.” Sure, why not? [WSJ]
U.S. Firms Probed in Mexico Oil Scam – “The probe is part of a broader two-year joint U.S.-Mexican investigation into a network of Mexican oil smugglers supported by the Gulf drug cartel, one of Mexico’s most powerful and brutal criminal organizations.” Appears reasonable. [WSJ]
Lying Low After a Layoff – Are you really going out of your way to look employed? [Washington Post]
Amex, Discover to end fees going over credit limit – Back to maxing out! [AP via Miami Herald]
Feinberg’s Pay Decisions May Set the Template for Wall Street – “companies must tell him how they plan to pay the 25 top-earning employees. Feinberg will rule on the plans within 60 days after they’re completed.” Uh oh. [Bloomberg]