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Preliminary Analytics | 01.19.10

Thumbnail image for bored.jpgTyco to Buy Brink’s Home Security for $2 Billion – “Tyco International Ltd. announced plans to buy Brink’s Home Security Holdings Inc., also known as Broadview Security, for $2 billion, the first major acquisition for Tyco in eight years since the company was rocked by scandal and split into several pieces.” [WSJ]
Sitting Is a Silent Killer, Swedish Medics Warn Couch Potatoes – Desk jockeys too. [Bloomberg]
Who Would Miss the Big Four? – “Hardly anyone, says Jim Peterson.” [CPA Trendlines]
Special tax breaks proposed for Haitian earthquake relief donations – “Under a bipartisan House bill, if you contributed money to nonprofits providing relief to the stricken island nation, you would be able to deduct those donations on your 2009 tax return.” [Don’t Mess With Taxes]
More Men Marrying Wealthier Wives – This doesn’t mean that you get to stay home glued to the Playstation. [NYT]
Citigroup Loses $7.6 Billion on Costs to Repay Bailout Funds – The streak of three “profitable” quarters ends. [Bloomberg]