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Perhaps Comparing the CPA Exam to Actual War Isn’t The Best Idea

Meanwhile, in deluded CPA exam candidate land:

OK, let's put this into perspective since perspective is something you clearly need as evidenced by this tweet.

World War II: lasted from 1939 – 1945
Your CPA exam experience: will probably be over in no more than a year and a half

World War II: It is estimated that 48 million to 80 million people — or 4% of the entire world population — died over the course of the war and in the lead up to it
Your CPA exam experience: you're still breathing, kiddo

World War II: left parts of Asia and Europe in absolute ruin, which would take years or even decades to rebuild
Your CPA exam experience: that laundry you never got around to putting away because you were studying will be just fine in the basket until you find the time 

So yes, we're sure the CPA exam is probably the worst thing that has ever happened to you in your entire life but no, you will not be telling your grandchildren about it in the same way our grandparents tell us about the war. Relax, it cannot possibly be worse than losing your family, your home, your city, your sovereignty and/or your life. It just can't be.