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Patrick Byrne Misses Golden Opportunity to Solicit Potential Auditors

Thumbnail image for patsy_byrne.jpgJust when we thought the hubbub around shareholder servant Patrick Byrne had gone on hiatus, we came across a post from Gary Weiss telling us that Patsy bailed on a CNN appearance for State of the Union with John King.
According to the website, “Patrick Byrne, Chairman & CEO of, looks at how consumer spending will fare this holiday season during a global recession.”

As Weiss notes:

Seriously, though, CNN’s bookers had no choice. What other CEO of any retail outlet bigger than a pushcart would be available during the busiest retailing weekend of the year? Byrne was scheduled to appear from studios in San Francisco, not Salt Lake City, where the corporate headquarters is located.
Here he was, while his company teetered on ruin, either flying into San Francisco for the chance to get his puss on national TV, or living it up on Telegraph Hill or wherever, far from his beleaguered and SEC-investigated company.

Apparently Byrne was late and dropped from the show. There is no transcript available for his appearance but if his smiling mug (hopefully posing on a Segway) made an appearance, by all means let us know.
In all likelihood, he was on the hunt for Friehling & Horowtiz’s San Fran office but an open plea on national television seems like a better way to find his company’s next auditor. Oh well. Next time!
“Economic Expert” Patrick Byrne Dumped by CNN [Gary Weiss]
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