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Oprah Brings the Oprah to Accountants

It's not every day that Oprah makes an appearance in the accounting world. So when she popped up at QuickBooks Connect recently, our man Greg Kyte jumped right on the story.

Alright, he didn't jump right on it, his post appeared a few days after Oprah's talk but since Greg admitted that he's a "total sucker for quasi-spiritual bullshit" we're glad he covered it:

Of course Intuit wanted Oprah to speak at their conference because that’s how you sell out an accounting conference. And I’m sure her warmth and charisma brought … well, warmth and charisma to an accounting software conference where one expects neither warmth nor charisma.

If warmth and charisma aren't quite your speed, then more mainstream topics from last week include:

Don't forget, it's your last full week before we start the annual 6-week stretch of phoning in our jobs. I hope you've planned for productive week.