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Opinions Are Like Assholes, Everyone Has One. The AICPA Wants Yours

Angry bird

Your opinion, that is, not your asshole. You weirdo.

In its ongoing effort to ensure only the best and brightest make it through the rigors of testing to emerge victorious as America’s future-ready CPAs and weed out undesirables, the AICPA is asking for your help. This applies only to those of you in close quarters with newly-licensed CPAs, specifically in a supervisory role. In other words, if it’s your job to wrangle the noobs, the AICPA wants to pick your brain.

In the immortal words of the blessed PhilipSoloTV, here’s the scoop:

As a part of the AICPA’s practice analysis research project, we’re looking for supervisors who can help us learn more about the impact technology has on recruiting and staffing, and especially the work of their newly licensed CPAs.

Your first-hand knowledge of the skills essential to their work will guide our understanding of areas where newly licensed CPAs need to be proficient, where they are well prepared, and where they may be deficient, especially as it pertains to technology.

Sign up today for our virtual focus group session and contribute to the future of the CPA Exam. You’ll also receive a $150 Amazon eGift Card for your participation. The session will be held on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 and will last up to three hours. The number of participants will be limited for effectiveness.

So yeah, not only will you be helping shape the future of the profession blah, blah but they’re also paying you for your time. $50/hr, to be exact, which you can turn around and blow on 5 lb bags of Sour Patch Kids and Funko Pop figurines if you’re anything like me.

You have until Monday, June 24, to fill out the form and let them know you want to participate. Money aside, it’s a great chance for y’all to have your say on whether or not that all-important exam is actually helping to create useful little CPAs to fill those chairs around your office or if it could use some work.