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An Open Letter To the PCAOB From the Going Concern Comment Section

I believe this particular PCAOB-hostile grunt has spoken:

Dear Mr. G – I hate to break this to you, but accountants do not respect the PCAOB. We HATE the PCAOB. This organization does nothing but bring misery to our lives, for no matter how good our work product is, this group comes along and finds something wrong with it. That's a pretty easy task given the subjective nature of audits, sample designs, materiality and professional judgements [sic].  And since the PCAOB is the regulator, it is always right….even when it's wrong! Hopefully a Republican will get elected and make good on his promise to overturn Sarbanes Oxley, which would mean the end of the PCAOB as well.

That sounds really angry, can we talk this out, bro? I don't believe that there are actually any Republicans out there willing to take on Sarbanes-Oxley and the PCAOB, but you keep thinking that if it helps you survive your day.

Can you give us specific examples of the PCAOB being wrong? I'm not saying they haven't been, I'm saying if you have personal experience with specific "wrong" issues and you haven't already emailed the details to GC from your personal email account, shut your pie hole.

Or if you want to keep your job and prefer not to violate your precious covenant with your firm by sending us workpapers, how about you write a manifesto about your experience with these alleged leeches from the PCAOB who bother all of you auditors like you all bother your clients?

Don't sit there and yell at the Roundup, blockhead.