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One Disgruntled Employee is Not Impressed By Plante Moran’s Balloon Drops

We knew it was only a matter of time before the Debbie Downers started coming out of the woodwork to complain about Tuesday's announcement that Detroit's Plante Moran and Chicago's Blackman Kallick will be merging to create a firm to be reckoned with in the Midwest.
One such Negative Nelly has a few sage words of advice for Blackman Kallick managers, assuming they haven't already popped the cork on the champagne:
They're going to have to spend a lot of time over the next couple of years trying to convince the powers that be that the going rate for a manager or a senior manager in Traverse City and Ann Arbor might be a tad bit lower than Chicago. . . . and when they do break down and give you something, they make you dance for it. 
Since we all know opinions are a dime a dozen, we can only take this at face value. Perhaps this person had a bad experience. Perhaps they were not very good at their job anyway. Perhaps they just have it out for Plante Moran after being fired for incompetence. Right?
Oh wait, there's video to prove their claim:
This is in appreciation for 10 years on the Fortune list; it is before a 2-3% raise across the board that would come the next month and was before the markets turned south.
I warn you before you hit play, it's hard to watch. It's entirely safe for work but, well, embarrassing and completely awkward. Hope this clears everything up!