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Occupy PwC Included One Guy Who Opted to Double Up on the Creep Face

Yesterday afternoon, a couple dozen people occupied the lobby at PwC's Washington, D.C. office for around 30 minutes. Things didn't get too exciting, as police were on the scene quickly and "nudged the protesters back onto the sidewalk," but the building did go on lockdown for a couple of hours which is NBD unless you're an expecting mother craving chocolate-covered nachos or someone desperate for a smoke (two employees reportedly snuck out during the lockdown). 

ANYWAY, after the protestors were herded out, they opted to march back to McPherson Square from 1301 K St., figuring there wasn't much left they could do since it didn't appear anyone looking for an accounting postion with a struggling nonprofit would be coming outside anytime soon. HOWEVER. There were two holdouts. Two people that remained steadfast in their commitment to letting PwC know how they felt about their support of and participation in the current corporatocratic, capitalist regime. One of these people was, presumably, a normal person frustrated with the situation. The other seemed to be more concerned with creeping everyone out with a double dose of face coverage:

Jesse Martin, who said he's been with Occupy D.C. for about a month, was one of two holdouts. Martin was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt that covered his entire face when fully zipped and emblazoned with the image of the Joker from the 2008 Batman film The Dark Knight. On top of that, he sported a Guy Fawkes mask, popularized by the comic book series V for Vendetta and members of the hacking syndicate Anonymous. Martin was rather broad when asked why Occupy had singled out PWC among all other K Street firms. "The basic principle there is with greed, not justice," he said. "We gotta do them one at a time."
The lockdown appears to have been the right decision.