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Number of the Day: 88%

This is the percentage of the 4,500 or so employees of the Queen’s Grant Thornton who want to continue to spend the majority of their time working from home post-pandemic, an in-house employee survey revealed.

According to the Financial Times, GT U.K. CEO David Dunckley said the pro-WFH crowd was the same regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, or location. The result of the survey may or may not have left Dunckley scratching his head:

“I thought as lockdown got longer people might be more keen to get back in the office but the percentage has gone up a bit,” he added.

David Dunckley

Financial News reported the staff survey showed 88% of staff wanted to work remotely at least half of the time, with 94% saying having a mix of remote and office working would positively benefit them.

Grant Thornton reduced its real estate footprint when it renewed the lease on its Manchester office last year but has not yet decided how often staff will be in the office after the pandemic, according to FT.

As Adrienne mentioned in Footnotes last Friday, PwC U.K. said it expects its 22,000 employees to spend an average of 40% to 60% of their time in the office or at client sites once pandemic restrictions are lifted, with the ability to WFH the rest of the week. PwCers will also be able to personalize their working hours, like starting or ending the day earlier.

In the U.S., PwC Chairman Tim Ryan recently told his capital market servants that starting in September, they will be expected to be in the office or at client sites between one to three days a week, with the rest of the time spent WFH.

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