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Now Kids Interested in an Accounting Career Can Get a Virtual Tour of KPMG

All my life, I've wanted to be a writer. There was never any question — although my guidance counselor questioned my plan to publish sci-fi novels before the age of 21 and retire rich on some Central American beach — so I treated most of our Career Days like a joke (much like I treated all of high school and a lot of my life in general, really).

I interned at a community newspaper when I was 14 and have to say seeing my first byline in print sealed the deal for me. I wrote about some lady who was making dolls for kids with terminal diseases, or something like that, so it wasn't exactly hard-hitting journalism but I got to experience the thrill of sourcing interviews that would later serve me well here, although nowadays I spend more time getting dodged by Big 4 PR departments than I do getting interviews.

So I of all people understand the importance of getting kids when they are young. This is why cops do ride alongs, right? Do they still do that?

The AICPA knows all about getting 'em while they are young, too. There is a huge demand for CPAs (unlike newspaper journalists BOY did I dodge a bullet by becoming an Internet troll instead) and someone's got to fill those chairs with warm bodies.

On May 13, Start Here Go Places (think of it like the drug dealer who hangs out around a school offering samples) is offering a "virtual field trip" to find out what it's like to work for a Big 4 firm: is providing their popular online educational excursion for students. You can visit the wonderful world of accounting — without ever leaving the classroom. Join us via live webcast for a free Virtual Field Trip and Q&A session with a Real-Life CPA.

Virtual Field Trip participants will have the opportunity to: 

• Learn how a career in accounting can extend to any field – even unexpected ones
• Connect live with a CPA from their office
• Ask questions about business, accounting and what it’s like to be a CPA

Virtual Field Trips are open to students, educators and entire classrooms. 

All in all, this sure beats some sophomore with an unusual affinity for math asking r/accounting what it's like to be a CPA.

If you are an impressionable young'un or educator, register by May 8th. Have fun (LOL "fun")!