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Not Even ISIS Immune to Shortage of Accounting and Finance Talent

I think your career would have to be in very, very bad shape to consider a position with a blood thirsty terrorist organization, but they do have some recent openings:

Colonel Steve Warren, spokesman for the US-led coalition, said that a November air strike had killed Abu Salah who he described as “one of the most senior and experienced members of [Isis’s] financial network”.

Abu Salah, a former al-Qaeda member, was the third senior Isis financial official to be killed in the past three months, Col Warren said. Two other senior Isis members who were involved in extortion activities — named by the Pentagon as Abu Maryam and Abu Wakman al-Tunisi — were also killed, he said.

“Killing him and his predecessors exhausts the knowledge and talent needed to co-ordinate funding within the organisation,” Col Warren said of Abu Salah.

Sounds like the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to make a difference in a fast-growing organization that practices senseless violence and holds disturbingly extremist views. Apply today!


Image: By Yo (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons