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Promotion Watch ’20: Marcum Admits 20 to Partnership

Marcum Chairman and CEO (and Going Concern’s biggest fan, so we’re told) Jeffrey Weiner deified 20 new partners on Sept. 1.

The class of 2020 is larger than last year’s class by four partners, so some obnoxious little virus wasn’t going to stop Weiner & Co. from handing out more golden tickets this year.

Here are the 16 men and (only) four women who make up this year’s class:

  • Andrew A. Alan, Advisory, Fort Lauderdale
  • John Bonk, Tax & Business, Miami
  • Joseph Compton, Advisory, Cleveland
  • Robert D. Coro, Advisory, New Haven, CT
  • Michael Discepolo, Advisory, New Haven, CT
  • Aaron M. Fox, Tax & Business, Washington, DC
  • Amy J. Gibson, Tax & Business, Mayfield Village, OH
  • Maria L. Gollayan, Advisory, Washington, DC
  • Matthew Jahrsdoerfer, Assurance, New York City
  • Saud Salim Khan, Assurance, Fort Lauderdale
  • Timothy J. Landry, Assurance, Hartford, CT
  • James J. LaRocca, Assurance, Melville, NY
  • Marie Lenarduzzi, Tax & Business, Mayfield Village, OH
  • Luis Leon, Tax & Business, New York City
  • Audrey Levin, Tax & Business, Deerfield, IL
  • Theodore M. Lucas, Assurance, Hartford, CT
  • Kellan McConnell, Assurance, Costa Mesa, CA
  • Kyle M. Rohrig, Tax & Business, Akron, OH
  • Yamil Serur, Tax & Business, Deerfield, IL
  • Derek White, Assurance, Boston

Congrats to all the new Marcum partners!