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Promotion Watch ’20: KPMG Admits 119 New Partners in the U.S.

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It was new partner promotion announcement day at KPMG yesterday, and there are 119 individuals in the class of FY 2021 who will do Paul Knopp’s bidding.

Speaking of Knopp, the firm’s chairman and CEO exalted the newest members of the club on LinkedIn Tuesday:

Each of these talented professionals has demonstrated exceptional professional excellence and expertise within their respective fields, helping our firm achieve growth and success in the marketplace. Just as importantly, they are known for their integrity and living KPMG’s values, holding themselves and others to the highest standards while fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation.

As we look ahead to the opportunities, challenges and transformation of these unprecedented times, we know that the quality of our people and our services, and the strength of our culture and values will differentiate us. More than ever, we look to our partners to model the Total Firm, purpose-driven, inclusive behavior and commitment to quality that will create value for our firm and our clients. We are confident that the members of this new partner class embody the skills, experience and personal attributes that will significantly advance our growth and trust agenda, ensuring we have both best-in-class culture and the strongest brand in our industry.

But before we meet these trust agenda carry-outers, let’s take a look at this latest partner class by the numbers:

  • 37: The number of new partners in both tax and advisory, the most of any service line, followed by audit with 33.
  • 33: The number of new partners who are women, or 28% of the class.
  • 2: The number of new partners with the last names of Chaudhary, McDonald, and Ross.

Here are the newest partners at the House of Klynveld:

  • Omar Al-Aidroos, Tax
  • Patricia Alonso de la Fuente, Advisory
  • Evan Bartell, Advisory
  • Sara Basko, Audit
  • Andrew Basso, Tax
  • Brett G. Bell, Tax
  • Gisele Belotto, Tax
  • Brett D. Benner, Advisory
  • Frederick Betz, Advisory
  • Teresa Blake, Advisory
  • Kirtus Lee Bocox, Tax
  • Nicole Bonelli, Audit Quality & Professional Practice
  • Mark J. Brennan, Advisory
  • Nick Brown, Audit
  • Scott Burger, Audit
  • Manfred Caranci, Advisory
  • Erik M. Causey, Audit
  • Aileen Chan, Advisory
  • Anser Chaudhary, Advisory
  • Omer Chaudhary, Advisory
  • Richard Chen, Advisory
  • Michael A. Clubine, Risk Management-Advisory
  • Greg Corlis, Advisory
  • Tessa A. Criticos, Tax
  • Nina Currigan, Advisory
  • Chris D’Angelo, Audit
  • Maureen Davenport, Corporate Communications
  • Carolina Delgado, Audit
  • Jennifer Turk DeLibero, Audit
  • Michael Denofa, Tax
  • John Denworth, Tax
  • Emily C. Deves, Audit
  • Corinne Dougherty, Audit
  • Jonathan William Drugge, Tax
  • Marit L. Ernesti, Tax
  • Michael Fink, Audit
  • Steven Charles Fistere, Tax
  • Nathan Gabig, Advisory
  • Nicole Galil, Audit
  • Jason D. Galloway, Advisory
  • Bedros Gaule, Audit
  • Brian Groome, Tax
  • Walter Christopher Hoge, Tax
  • Lauren Holden, Audit
  • Seong-Kwan Hong, Advisory
  • Rafiq Jalal, Tax
  • Richard Isola, Advisory
  • Timothy S. Jakubowski, Advisory
  • Thomas Humbert, Advisory
  • Henry Jeong, Audit
  • Robert S. Keller, Tax
  • Sean D. Kelley, Risk Management-Audit
  • Jeffrey Kocan, Audit Quality & Professional Practice
  • Marek Kochanski, Tax
  • David Konop, Tax
  • Alex Koo, Tax
  • Michael Kopesky, Audit
  • Bhargavi Kosaraju, Advisory
  • Karrie Lamers, Tax
  • Gary Landis, Risk Management-Advisory
  • Steve Lopardo, Risk Management-Audit
  • Kevin Lyons, Audit
  • Robert Mahoney, Audit
  • Sarmed A. Malik, Advisory
  • Stephen Massed, Tax
  • Mike Mather, Advisory
  • Erin McCloskey, Audit Quality & Professional Practice
  • Brent D. McDaniel, Advisory
  • Brian McDonald, Tax
  • Chris McDonald, Advisory
  • Lisa Mekins, Tax
  • Kuber Mehta, Audit
  • Curt Miller, Audit
  • Katie Minor, Audit
  • Matthew Mosby, Tax
  • Kannan Nadar, Advisory
  • Scott Nestberg, Tax
  • Anthony C.Y. Ng, Tax
  • Oanh Nguyen, Audit
  • Ursula F. Nigrelli, Advisory
  • Jackson W. Oliver, Tax
  • Binoy Palakkal, Advisory
  • Nick Palmos, Tax
  • Nita A. Patel, Tax
  • Terri Peterfeso, Risk Management-Advisory
  • Gretchen Pinto, Audit
  • Scott Purdy, Advisory
  • Arun M. Rajappa, Risk Management-Advisory
  • Lokesh Ramani, Advisory
  • Ryan Richmond, Tax
  • Michael Riedlinger, Risk Management-Audit
  • Matthew W. Rodgers, Audit
  • Brett A. Ross, Tax
  • Regine Ross, Risk Management-Advisory
  • Ryan T. Sakamoto, Audit
  • Adam Schlesinger, Audit
  • Ashleigh Sherrill, Audit
  • Neil B. Sheth, Tax
  • Leila Shin, Advisory
  • John B. Sikes, Tax
  • Jared Silver, Audit
  • Arthur J. Smith, Tax
  • Ross Stallings, Advisory
  • Gregory Stamm, Audit
  • Brian Stewart, Audit
  • David J. Tarabocchia, Advisory
  • Jessica Thompson, Advisory
  • Mitchell Thweatt, Tax
  • Titus Toon, Tax
  • Daisy Tung, Advisory
  • V Scott Vanevenhoven, Audit
  • Tejas N. Varia, Tax
  • Rey Villanueva, Advisory
  • Paige Walton, Audit
  • Vivian Wang, Tax
  • Eric C. Wilkinson, Audit
  • Dave Wolf, Advisory
  • Alex Yanko, Audit
  • Joseph D. Yusz, Advisory

Congrats to all the new KPMG rainmakers!

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3 thoughts on “Promotion Watch ’20: KPMG Admits 119 New Partners in the U.S.

  1. They hire so many people but they tell us lies that do covid we have to lay off some of us and they layoff people that didn’t really need to be laid because they have people that need to be retired already and are way over then they retirment time. They need to retire already and give other people the chance to stay this is very unfair to us who lose their jobs to lies from KPMG. They don’t care about no one kpmg just wants to use the covid excuse to lie to the world that they suffering but they are not at all one bit.

  2. KPMG is full of scumbag. Laid off 1400 people and promote partner right after. This is how this firm treat employee, more will be fired next couple months.

  3. Won’t defend the Partners, but they pay a fee to get into the partnership. It’s the directors and BS that they promote that hurt, while cutting the rest of us out.

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