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January 27, 2023

Promotion Watch ’19: KPMG Admits 138 New U.S. Partners

We’re about T-minus 30 days until KPMG releases its global revenue for fiscal year 2019. In the meantime, we got word on who the newest rainmakers in the Americas region will be for FY 2020.

KPMG gave 266 lucky boys and girls in the Americas keys to the partnership. Of those 266, 138 are from the good ol’ US of A.

Let’s take a look at KPMG’s newest U.S. partner class by the numbers:

  • 48: The number of new partners in tax, the most of any business line, followed by 38 in advisory and 33 in audit.
  • 34: The number of new partners who are women, or 25% of the class.
  • 17: The number of new partners who have a last name that begins with B.
  • 5: The number of new partners who have the first name of David.
  • 2: The number of new partners who have the first name of Suzanne.
  • 1: The number of new partners who have the first name of Gareth.

Here is the new U.S. partner class at KPMG:

  • Tara Adams, Tax
  • Amie J. Ahanchian, Tax
  • Tim Anderstrom, Audit
  • Maria Arosteguy, Advisory
  • Jon A. Baker, Audit Quality & Professional Practice
  • Jason Barocas, Audit
  • Corey E. Bartell, Tax
  • Daniel Basca, Tax
  • Edward Bayer, Advisory
  • Scott Belding, Tax
  • L. Richard Bird, Audit
  • Maria Blohm, Audit
  • Jennifer Bockhorn, Audit
  • Michael Bradshaw, Advisory
  • Alex Brady, Advisory
  • Katherine M. Breaks, Tax
  • Prashanth Brindavan, Advisory
  • Kevin J. Brogan, Tax
  • Lindsay Brusco, Audit
  • Joe Bukzin, Audit Quality & Professional Practice
  • Ryan Burns, Advisory
  • Christopher M. Casey, Tax
  • Keith Catlow, Tax
  • Dan Chandler, Audit
  • Ling Chen, Tax
  • Abner J. Chong, Tax
  • Rick Cincotta, Tax
  • Ryan Cleary, Tax
  • Cindy Cohen, Advisory
  • Erin Conaway, Audit
  • Jill M. Cosentino, Tax
  • Katie D’Angelo, Audit
  • Ben Danhauer, Tax
  • Analisa DeHaro, Advisory
  • Yatish Desai, Advisory
  • Filipe M. Dias, Audit Quality & Professional Practice
  • Arun F. D’Silva, Audit
  • Josh Dunlap, Tax
  • Nicholas Dye, Audit
  • Mark Eller, Audit
  • Gregory Evanoff, Audit
  • Charles Ferentinos, Tax
  • Lane M. Flood, Audit Quality & Professional Practice
  • Eric Forkner, Audit
  • Kenneth R. Garetson III, Tax
  • Jeffrey A. Garfield, Advisory
  • Gareth Gibson, Advisory
  • Prasanna Govindankutty, Advisory
  • Jeffrey Green, Audit
  • Joey Gyengo, Advisory
  • Cornell Hall, Audit
  • Ruby J. Hancock, Audit
  • Brent Hansen, Audit Quality & Professional Practice
  • Kurt R. Hanway, Tax
  • Mike Harmeson, Tax
  • Lawrence Hayden, Audit
  • Thomas Heck, Advisory
  • Douglas Holland, Tax
  • Gregory Homen, Tax
  • Mark Hughes, Advisory
  • Erik R. Jensen, Audit
  • Martin Kaestner, Innovation & Enterprise Solutions
  • Ishan Kaul, Advisory
  • Ryan J. Kelly, Tax
  • Bassam Khattab, Advisory
  • Rajeev Khurana, Advisory
  • Young H. Kim, Advisory
  • Jason Knight, Tax
  • Dr. Sreekar Krishna, Innovation & Enterprise Solutions
  • Jeff Krizner, Tax
  • Eugene M. Kublanov, Advisory
  • Julie A. Lau, Independence
  • Adam R. Levy, Advisory
  • Orson Lucas, Advisory
  • Tom Mahler, Tax
  • Matthew Maiers, Audit
  • Joe Manusakis, Advisory
  • Braden Mark, Advisory
  • Kevin Martelli, Innovation & Enterprise Solutions
  • Chris McCarney, Advisory
  • David McCarthy, Tax
  • Mike McCormick, Audit Quality & Professional Practice
  • Landon McGrew, Tax
  • Suzanne McLaughlin, Audit Quality & Professional Practice
  • Suzanne Michelle Menser, Audit
  • Ryan Michalski, Audit
  • James H. Moore Jr., Tax
  • Bob Mosier, Audit Quality & Professional Practice
  • Omar P. Munoz, Tax
  • James Patrick Murphy Jr., Advisory
  • David Nides, Advisory
  • Andrew Nolan, Advisory
  • Yosuke Ogata, KPMG Global Solutions Group – Audit
  • William C. Oglesby III, Audit
  • Dane Paulsen, Advisory
  • Michael Petry, Audit Quality & Professional Practice
  • Larry Piccola, Tax
  • Anthony Polselli, Audit
  • Clint Porter, Tax
  • Zoe S. Poulson, Legal & Compliance
  • Nalini Prakash Hart, Tax
  • Steven Qualls, Tax
  • Kelly Raftice, Tax
  • Avinash Ramkumar, Audit
  • David T. Rehrauer, Tax
  • David G. Rizzo, Legal & Compliance
  • Garth Roark, Tax
  • Ryan Rominiecki, Audit
  • Todd Ross, Audit
  • David Roy, Tax
  • Katherine Saudo, Tax
  • Matt Savatsky, Tax
  • Kelli J. Schmidt, Audit
  • Jason William Schneider, Audit
  • Mo Scully, Audit
  • Jon Sedon, Tax
  • Eli Simmons, Audit
  • Elliott Skrinjar, Advisory
  • Robert B. Stoddard, Tax
  • Andrea Strickland, Audit
  • Jenna L. Summer, Tax
  • Lisa A. Swatland, Advisory
  • Ryan Swedalla, Audit Quality & Professional Practice
  • Jason A. Thomas, Audit Quality & Professional Practice
  • Courtney H. Trimble, Advisory
  • Olli Valikangas, Advisory
  • Simona C. Vasile, Tax
  • John H. Vaughan IV, Advisory
  • Liezl Walker, Tax
  • Jamie Weisman, Audit
  • Rob Werling, Audit Quality & Professional Practice
  • KC Whitehead, Advisory
  • Caroline J. Whittington, Tax
  • Timothy Williams, Advisory
  • Greg Woofter, Tax
  • Mark Wuchte, Advisory
  • Helen Xu, Tax
  • Yi (Margaret) Xu, Advisory

Congrats to all the new partners!

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