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New Jersey Weighs In on the Usefulness of 150 Hours

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The 150-hour rule debate rages on, hope you’re not sick of talking about it.

INSIDE Public Accounting has shared key takeaways from a recent survey of 1,060 members of the New Jersey Society of CPAs (NJCPA) that aimed to get members’ view on the 150-hour rule. Those takeaways are:

  • More than 40% of those surveyed said that new hires working in accounting-related roles who had not completed 150 credit hours “rarely” or “never” pursue CPA certification.
  • No skills difference was detected between those with 120 hours and those with 150, according to 62% of respondents.
  • An overwhelming majority, nearly 80%, believe it would be beneficial to the profession to provide alternative pathways to certification so 150 credit hours is not the only option.

You can view the full podcast here:

Anyone interested in adding their voice to this important debate is invited to submit a letter to the editor.

2 thoughts on “New Jersey Weighs In on the Usefulness of 150 Hours

  1. What would be beneficial to the profession is raising salaries. By lowering the bar, it will give firms an easy excuse to keep wages stagnant. Do I think someone needs 30 extra hours to be a competent cpa? No. But I see this as a sly way to increase the workforce without increasing pay.

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