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Let’s Figure Out How This Person Bombed the CPA Exam More Spectacularly Than Any CPA Exam Bomb in History

Failed CPA exam

Ed. note: an earlier version of this article contained the name of a review course the poster claimed to have used. As this information has not been verified and is not relevant to the issue at hand, it has been removed.

Spotted this on Reddit this morning, and like /r/accounting I’m wondering how this is even possible. I thought you got a few dozen points just for entering your name correctly.

Fresh from the Another71 forums:


I have a peculiar issue which is becoming quite tricky to solve. I use [review course redacted pending verification], and have taken FAR and REG exams till date. but there is night and day difference in my mock exam results and my actual exam results.

please see my scores below for clarity on my problem.
For my CPA -FAR exam i was a bit nervous, but for REG i was extermely confident and this drubbing is killing me and not able to figure out what is going on. Am i submitting the exam test-lets wrongly? Or am i doing something fundamentally wrong which is causing this debacle.
Any help is appreciated.

MOCK-1 FAR : 83
MOCK-2 FAR : 88

MOCK-1 REG : 90
MOCK-2 REG : 95
MOCK-3 REG : 96

CPA Exam REG: 16
CPA Exam FAR: 17

Sweetheart, that’s not a “peculiar issue.” A peculiar issue would be sitting down to take the CPA exam at Prometric and getting served the Certified Nail Technician exam, or signing up for FAR and getting AUD instead. A peculiar issue is when your name is Candace and your Starbucks barista writes Catholic on your frap. When I couldn’t find a single pair of clean socks in the laundry basket because my cat stole and hid them all, that was a peculiar issue. This is straight up Black Mirror shit here.

As it turns out, this isn’t the lowest claimed score ever seen. I believe that title belongs to this sad bastard, who claims they received an 8 on AUD. An. Eight.

Via Imgur
Via Imgur

I mean, as far as totally unsubstantiated things posted on the Internet by anonymous strangers goes, that looks pretty legit.

We reached out to NASBA to ask what exactly is the lowest possible score on the CPA exam, if there is such a thing, and they have yet to return our call. Probably still busy blocking people on Twitter from the fake score release debacle last week. We’ll let you know if we hear anything. In the meantime, I’m going with extreme operator error or Prometric glitch on this one.