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EY Promotes 669 New Partners Worldwide; Numbers Down for Second Year in a Row

Yeah, it’s the old logo, but I’m sure the firm prefers it to shirtless dudes.

Sorry, it seems I’m a bit slow to the new EY partner news. Here’s Mark Weinberger on Sunday:

There’s also an EY press release if you care to read that, but I did so you don’t have to. The class of 669 is the second down year in a row. EY promoted 714 globally last year and 753 in 2015. The number of partners in the Americas was down as well, to 266 from 287 last year, 312 in 2015, and 295 in 2014.

The Assurance practice still has the most new partners by far (255), but those numbers were down too (264 in 2015). Tax promoted fewer also (171 this year, 200 last year). Advisory only managed a few more than last year (154, up from 151). Transaction Advisory Services was down to 78 from 90, but Business Support was up to 11 from 9 last year.

Regarding transparency, EY doesn’t have a fancy page dedicated to these new partners like PwC does, complete with names, practices, locations and the like. And we can’t expect them to list them all in a press release like BDO. That’d be more tedious than usual for Big 4 corporate communications. The firm states in its release that “nearly 30%” of the new partners are women and 36 are in emerging markets. No further details are provided.

We did a little Twitter mining, and there’s nothing too remarkable out there, although this picture of Mark Weinberger tenting his fingers is a little Mr. Bruns-esque.

If you’re a new EY partner, first, congrats, and second, we’d love to hear from you, either in the comments or via email. What was the initiation like? Was there a human sacrifice? Did Weinberger have any awkward stories about talking to Trump about women? We want all the details.

Image: WissensDürster/Wikimedia Commons