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Promotion Watch ’19: Crowe Adds 34 New Partners and Principals

It’s time to take the noise makers out of your desk drawers and blow on them furiously because there will be 34 brand-new partners and principals at Crowe once the clock strikes midnight on April 1, 2020.

The class of 2020 is fairly large by Crowe standards. It surpasses this year’s class of 24, the 10 in 2018, and the 25 in 2017.

In all, the new partners and principals for 2020 represent five practice areas in 15 offices.

Let’s take a closer look at the numbers:

  • 13: The number of new partners and principals in tax services, the most of any practice area, followed by nine in audit and assurance services and eight in consulting.
  • 10: The number of new partners and principals who are women, or 29% of the class.
  • 5: The number of new partners and principals who are either based in Chicago or South Bend, IN, the most of any office location, followed by four in New York.
  • 2: The number of new partners and principals who either have the first name of Michael or the first name of Kristin.

Here are the members of the new partner/principal class of 2020 at Crowe:

  • Sarah Allen-Anthony, Tax Services, South Bend, IN
  • Mark Andrews, Tax Services, Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Dan Balla, Audit and Assurance Services, South Bend, IN
  • Nicholas Bennett, Audit and Assurance Services, New York
  • Donielle Borgo, Tax Services, San Francisco, CA
  • Tamara Bowen, Consulting, Chicago
  • Stephen Buckner, Audit and Assurance Services, Sacramento, CA
  • Giulio Camerini, Consulting, Oak Brook, IL
  • Marc Claybon, Tax Services, Denver
  • Jamshid Ebadi, Consulting, Denver
  • Eric Ference, Advisory Services, Chicago
  • Amar Gandhi, Consulting, Chicago
  • Kevin Gilbreath, Tax Services, Nashville, TN
  • Michael Grob, Consulting, Chicago
  • Sharon Jones, Tax Services, South Bend, IN
  • Paul Jordan, Advisory Services, South Bend, IN
  • Robert Kollar, Advisory Services, Atlanta
  • Kristin Kranich, Tax Services, San Francisco
  • Michael Levy, Tax Services, New York
  • Dave McKnight, Consulting, Chicago
  • Sergei Mytko, Tax Services, Los Angeles
  • Chris Oliva, Tax Services, New York
  • Kyle Owens, Firm Risk Management, Oak Brook, IL
  • Corey Pfeifer, Tax Services, New York
  • Bryan Rector, Consulting, Indianapolis
  • Art Salvadori, Audit and Assurance Services, Hartford, CT
  • Doug Sayad, Audit and Assurance Services, Oak Brook, IL
  • AJ Schiavone, Tax Services, Columbus, OH
  • Beau Schwegman, Audit and Assurance Services, Livingston, NJ
  • Nicole Spiker, Audit and Assurance Services, Columbus, OH
  • Janelle Sprinzl, Audit and Assurance Services, Livingston, NJ
  • Kristin Steinhauser, Tax Services, Columbus, OH
  • Gayle Woodbury, Consulting, Off-site
  • Leslie Yates, Audit and Assurance Services, South Bend, IN

Congrats to all the soon-to-be partners and principals. Hopefully no one will think your promotion is one big April Fools’ joke.