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NASBA Pulled the Cruelest April Fools’ Prank Ever on Some CPA Exam Candidates

As far as the CPA exam is concerned, it’s one thing you really shouldn’t joke about. And, in NASBA’s defense, it’s not like they actually meant to punk a bunch of eager CPA exam candidates this past April Fools’ Day, it just so happened that way.

Set the scene. It’s March 31 and you’re printing out your Notice to Schedule ahead of your exam tomorrow. You go onto the NASBA website and see this:


Huh. Well that’s weird. OK, refresh. Still there. Hmm. Alright, maybe it’s just temporarily down and will come back soon, no biggie.

As the night wears on and you continue to check NASBA’s site, you grow increasingly concerned when you still can’t get to your NTS. Panic sets in. Who can you call? No one, their office is closed. All that’s left to do is shoot a tweet out into the abyss and hope everything is resolved in the morning.

Welp, spoiler alert: it stayed down for a few “lucky” candidates who were unable to take their scheduled exam due to being unable to print out their NTS.

A NASBA spokesperson told us the issue affected less than 20 candidates. “We were able to work with each candidate to reschedule their Exam section,” he said.

That’s all well and good but damn, I wouldn’t wish that on my worst enemy. But hey, well-played as far as pranks go I guess, totally beats the ole fake desktop trick.