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NASBA Has Extended This Testing Window For Hurricane-Affected CPA Exam Candidates

For the procrastinators out there wondering if they'll be able to squeeze in just one more day of studying, rejoice, it appears as though NASBA has extended this testing window through September 8th for some test-takers. Good lookin' out, Mother Nature!

Nine Louisiana and Mississippi Prometric locations are closed today. I'm hearing some candidates are able to schedule their exams in the first week of September even if they are not in storm-affected areas; while I understand the temptation to put off any exams you have scheduled just a few more days even if your porch is nice and dry, don't do it. Good luck explaining to NASBA how you're nice and dry in Ohio but figured because you could put off your exam until next week, you should.

As always, if you are scheduled to sit for the CPA exam during a blizzard, hurricane or nuclear winter, first check to see if your testing location is open. If it is closed, you are supposed to be contacted by Prometric within 24 hours of your scheduled test to reschedule but we all know how that goes so if you don't hear from them within 24 hours, hit them up.

In the unlikely event your testing center is open but you are unable to make your exam due to live power lines making your house into a Tesla cage or your car being completely submerged in floodwaters, contact NASBA at [email protected]. I would not automatically assume you will be given an alternate test date (especially if the storm of the year just so happens to occur at the end of a testing window, which it seems to like to do) but it's good to cover your bases anyway. Now, what happens if your power is out, your cell phone is dead and you can't email NASBA? Yeah, no clue, puzzle that one out yourself and you'll get 10 points on AUD if you do.

It is unclear at this point if the extension will be granted to everyone or just the lucky few who got hit by the slowest hurricane of the season but if past events are any indication and Internet hearsay can be believed, even those candidates in bone dry jurisdictions might be allowed to schedule through the end of next week. Let us know where you are and if you can schedule through the 8th if you're feeling chatty.