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Meet The Going Concern Freelancer Candidates

After an exhaustive search that included a lot of underwhelming résumés and a number of pocket vetoes from Adrienne, we are prepared to briefly introduce you to the candidates for our open freelancer position. 

Jeremy Woodward –  A tax senior at one of those big accounting firms. When not reviewing forms or reading the Master Tax Guide, he is training his firstborn child to make client calls in his place.

Bob Loblaw – Eleven years in public accounting, now a controller of an energy trading and pipeline company.

Andrew Roberts – A CPA with five years in audit at a Big 4 firm; currently in corporate financial reporting.

Dylan Grey – Eight years of experience (three in public and five in private), specializing in SEC Reporting and Technical Accounting. 

Lee St. Mark – Big Four indentured servant. I think I still have friends. Aspiring wine and sushi enthusiast.

Last Day in May – Tax accountant who refuses to pad my educational background and claims no journalistic experience whatsoever.

You'll get to know these people better as their posts appear over the next week and since Adrienne and I will be taking your feedback into account, we expect nothing but unbridled enthusiasm for their efforts. Get excited.