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Meet This Firm: Lurie, LLP

Lurie, LLP

Meet This Firm is a series of video interviews featuring the best accounting employers across the United States for high performing accounting professionals and CPAs. Please enjoy this sponsored post courtesy of Lurie, LLP, an Accountingfly Firm Partner. Contact Judy Schryver to learn more about firm partnerships.

There’s public. There’s private. And then there’s Lurie.

Minneapolis-based Lurie, LLP  is an incredible firm to be a part of. We were so impressed after our interview with Lurie recruiter, Ashley Carroll (which you can see below), that we spoke with 7 of their audit and tax staff to find out why this firm is such a special place.

5 Reasons Why Audit and Tax Staff Love Working at Lurie, LLP

  • It’s the perfect size — With 120 staff, team members told us they are treated as individuals who have careers and lives, well before they are treated as auditors or tax preparers, etc.
  • Family culture — This single office firm helps create a strong culture that the staff enjoys. They described the culture as a family, with a real open door and collaborative approach to work.
  • The Work — According to one manager, “I know CPAs who in 20 years of working have not seen the level of projects I’ve done at Lurie in only 7 years. Lurie works with high profile clients and staff make a direct impact on clients. Auditors see an audit through, from beginning to the end. You work directly with clients to improve their businesses on a daily basis.”
  • They make tax season bearable — Lurie takes care of its people during tax season. Said one manager, “Lurie does a great job of taking care of us during busy season, including providing us meals during the week.”  If you’re putting in the work you might as well be fed and have a little fun too.
  • Career progression  — High performers love working at Lurie because the firm helps them chart a career plan and helps staff reach their career objectives.

If you’d like to learn more about Lurie, watch this 8 minute video with Ashley Carroll.  She offers more insight into the firm and gives great advice for job seekers on how to get hired.

Lurie is hiring in Minneapolis! Click here to learn more about their open positions.