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Meet This Firm: Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell, P.C.

Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell

Meet This Firm is a series of video interviews featuring the best accounting employers across the United States for high performing accounting professionals and CPAs. Please enjoy this sponsored post courtesy of Councilor, Buchanan & Mitchell, P.C., an Accountingfly Firm Partner. Contact Judy Schryver to learn more about firm partnerships.

You can only move forward if you are able to embrace change.”

That’s the mantra of Peter Reilly, Managing Partner of Councilor Buchanan & Mitchell, PC.

Known as CBM, this mid-sized firm based in Bethesda, MD has incorporated the concept of change and evolution into its culture for the past 95 years. “It’s one of the reasons our firm has remained independent for so long,” said Reilly. “Our firm motto is ‘Centered on your success.’ And we are. We take great care to understand and meet the needs of our staff and our external clients.”

The firm’s mentorship program, Project Clear Path, is an example of how CPM lives its motto. The program pairs experienced senior staff members with more junior employees with a different specialty. For example, a tax partner might be paired with an audit senior. Together, each pair sets meaningful goals and timelines for achieving them.

Fostering an environment that nurtures individual needs is another aspect of CBM. Reilly meets informally and individually with each of the firm’s employees in an effort to get to know them and show them the firm’s open door policy is real. The firm also allows both fulltime and part-time staff to work virtually. It’s all part of the firm’s commitment to embracing change.

“Technology completely changed the concept of a workplace, and mobile technology is changing it even further. The entry of Millennials and now Gen Z into the workforce is forcing other changes as well,” noted Reilly. “A firm can’t be named Firm of the Year, as we have been, without acknowledging and adapting to these shifts.”

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