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McGladrey Interns Are Busy Learning Their Colleagues Are Boring, How to Use an Ice Cream Truck

Remember your first internship? The thrill of getting that company-issued laptop, of learning the ropes, of being mentored by senior staff in things you didn't learn in college like how to get a coffee order right?

Well the McGladrey winterns are busy blogging about it, let's check in with Jamie, a tax intern in Iowa to see what those crazy kids are up to:

Day 1: When I arrived, I was shocked to see that there were only 13 students attending the program. After reading the agenda, I was also surprised that we would have breakout sessions where we would get to tour the office, ask questions to staff panels, and also go on a client visit. Now, I know you are thinking “yay, touring the office sounds like a blast,” but it actually was! The employees made the tour into a scavenger hunt which allowed us to interact with managers, directors, and even partners. They also had us using our creative side by taking a bunch of random objects and trying to relate them to McGladrey in some way. After the lack of creativity displayed in that activity, it was clear why we all chose to go to school for accounting!

After finishing out the day in the office, we had the option to attend a tailgating grill out at a local park. This was a great way to unwind the day and get to know employees in an informal setting. The highlight of tailgating at the park was when the ice cream truck came. Well, I guess it was more of an ice cream van but who cares, it sold ice cream! I’ve never ordered from an ice cream truck before so it was kind of a big deal.

Soooo…. you learned that creative activities are a loss for accounting majors and how to ask an ice cream truck driver for a Bomb Pop?

Alright, so we have to make it clear here that Jamie wasn't actually interning at the time she learned the intricacies of choosing the right frozen treat, she was participating in something called the Pathways Program which is basically like the marijuana of the cocaine addiction that is a McGladrey internship. She was so impressed by her first impressions of McGladrey — I mean hello ICE CREAM — that she happily accepted the internship she was offered after two days of indoctrination introduction to the McGladrey way.

Good for her.