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Mark Your Calendars, Here Are Your 2020 CPA Exam Score Release Dates

Everyone hyped for a brand new decade? Well you BETTER BE, because now we know when to expect CPA exam scores in the first half of 2020.

Testing Window: January 1 – March 10 (20Q1)

Testing Window: April 1 – June 10 (20Q2)

If the above table looks wonky, not my freaking problem — it’s copied from the AICPA site and I’m still too hung over from NYE to attempt to make it look better so get over it. Oh and the asterisks mean “**The Exam data files the AICPA receives after this date will be included in the final target score release date for the testing window,” which we can take to mean they’ve added an extra release date for the stragglers? As always, some states may need an extra day or two to process and release scores (I’m looking at you, California).

Now here’s what’s interesting, and I’m sure your astute eye has already noticed it: we’re missing half the year. As we already know, the benevolent overlords of the CPA exam are hoping to roll out continuous testing this summer; we can take the lack of score release dates in the third and fourth quarters as a sign that the aforementioned continuous testing plan is on track for a July 1 launch. Last we heard, NASBA, Prometric, and all 55 state boards of accountancy were getting prepped for said launch.

It isn’t often that we see sweeping changes take place so rapidly in this industry, which makes continuous testing a pretty exciting change and one that will no doubt be appreciated by anxious candidates eager to find out whether or not they’ve passed. Just think, a year from now future CPAs will tell tales of “back in the day” when they had to wait a whole 10 days for their score. Of course, the old people at your firm can top that with nightmarish tales of having to sit for all four parts at once and cave painting being the only available CPA review option, but those days are clearly long gone. Welcome to the future!