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Mark Weinberger’s Best Moments as EY CEO, Ranked

Y’all remember back in the day when we used to do Ranked posts? Yeah, me neither. Mostly all I remember is Caleb saying he saw something similar on a far more popular blog than ours and was like “we should do that but with accounting stuff!” At least that’s how I recall the conversation in my mind, I mostly tuned him out. Anyway.

This will not be your typical Ranked post (insomuch as every Ranked post we ever did over the years was just a lazy attempt on our part to appease The Powers That Be who require x amount of work in a day for y amount of pay, you know how it is), but now that Mark Weinberger has officially left the black and yellow to focus on his family, we thought it would be a good time to take a wistful look back at some of his best moments over the years.

Shrugging off convention to rock that ‘tee his entire chairmanship

Back when the news broke that Weinberger would be stepping into Jim Turley’s excessively polished shoes, doubts were raised about the ability of his facial hair to survive the promotion. Some even went so far as to call it unprofessional for a CEO and chairman not to shave his goatee, can you believe the gall? Well, Weinberger didn’t give a shit what some random GC commenter had to say (good call, bro) and let his goatee flag fly. We had some concerns about his ability to out-chin Jim Turley what with Turley’s strong jaw and all, but damn if he didn’t pull it off.

His LinkedIn debut

I will be honest when I tell you the GC virtual office was on pins and needles waiting for Weinberger to drop his first LinkedIn post. Not because we were eager to hear his wisdom, but because we couldn’t wait to tear it apart as we are wont to do. Strangely enough, he didn’t give us shit all to work with. It was an excellent way to kick off his chairmanship, and no doubt kept him on the right side of our ire (mostly) over the years.

His mom scoring him hottie points

Proud moms are adorable, there’s no doubt about it. And Weinberger’s mom was hella proud of her son’s accomplishment when his EY chairmanship was announced, while also admitting that she was also kind of surprised his “greatness” landed him at a Big 4 accounting firm of all places. What would his mom think about randos on an accounting tabloid lamenting her son’s hotness, we wonder?

On the topic of hotties …

Is there anything hotter than a dad doing dad things? Just me? OK, whatever. Anyway, no list of Weinberger’s best moments as EY CEO would be complete without mentioning the driving test story. No matter how many times he told it and no matter how many times we gave him shit for it, it’s still a classic.

How he narrowly avoided constant Kenny Powers references for the last seven years

To Caleb’s credit, he tried to start a thing but it quickly fizzled when we realized Weinberger wasn’t going to make it easy for us to find something to mock.

That time he overdid it on the spray tan

This orange man ain’t bad, just sayin.