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Let’s Discuss: Why Is Everyone in Public Accounting Obsessed with Sports?

SPORTS. Love 'em or hate 'em, chances are you've been caught up in a casual conversation at your office about them. For those who don't build their entire Sunday and some weeknights around a bunch of dudes in tight pants throwing balls around, you might feel a little left out.

Like this guy on Reddit, who was so sick of it all he just had to post (and then promptly run away when the conversation got to be too much):

Seriously…every recruiting event I have been too [sic], every client I have been on, every time I go to my own office, the only thing people can talk about is the NFL, college football, or golf.

You will be golden and partners/directors/managers will love you if you can maintain conversations in those 3 things.

Live a little. End Rant.

Listen, guy, there are way worse things to discuss at the office than sports. Say, gluten intolerance or whatever you found in your kid's diaper this morning. I'm sure Colin is sick to death of hearing about my cats but it's not like we are going to spend all day debating abortion in Gchat. Like the weather, sports are safe for work.

What do you think will lead to a more appropriate conversation at the office:

So, how about those fires in Ferguson last night?

So, how about those Ravens last night?

You don't have to be a loyal member of Raider Nation to have a 5 minute discussion with a coworker about sports. Yeah, if the people you work with are constantly rearranging their fantasy football team while you're doing all the work maybe there's a problem, otherwise who cares?

Students, pay attention to this thread. Assuming you can form complete sentences and practice mediocre hygiene, fitting in with the group is what's going to get you an offer. Not saying you have to binge on every Sunday game but at least be able to hold a conversation about sports. And weather. And possibly traffic.

As for OP, he's pouting in a corner somewhere playing FIFA 15. That's right — it wasn't the sports themselves that bugged him, it was the fact that no one is into the sports he likes. See above re: fitting in.

Oh and Go Pack!