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Let’s Discuss: Wearing Headphones at the Office

I work in a small office.  Our office and cubes are close together, and sometimes the noise level doesn't let me focus.

On occasion, I wear earbuds with some very low level music just to drown out the sound, and no one (read:partners) seems to really have a problem with it.  I used to work for a firm that forbid the use of any headphones until after 6pm.

I have got my hands on a nice pair of active noise-canceling over-the-ear headphones, which will REALLY drown out the office banter.  But I will also look like I am wearing a set of AllClad pots on my head, and I will not hear anyone walking up behind my desk.

Anyone else thinking of wearing or actually wearing larger headphones in the office? Are the bosses/partners OK with it?