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Leave before I find out my raise?

I am currently a staff at a national firm. I am pretty sure I am getting promoted to senior. I am atleast 3 rated but I think there is a good chance i will be 4 rated (5 is best). I have an offer to move to private at a great company (Top 25 on best places to work list), in an industry that I like. The problem is that they can only give me a 10% raise. I was hoping to get a better bump when I left to private. To be fair, i dont have my CPA yet and I hate public so I wouldnt mind moving to industry so that ill have time to study and have less travel (less than 10% job, 30-40% in public) I dont find out what my raise/bonus will be until mid-July. 


My question is three fold; Do I stick around to find out my raise? Is 10% fair? Would you leave public this early if you hated it?