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Layoffs Watch ’13: Is KPMG Going To Trim a Few Auditors?

From the tip box:

Just got out of a manager meeting and it looks like KPMG is going to thank a good chunk of their staff for their hard work during busy season with pink slips.

Confirmed audit practice only. Advisory and tax are safe. For now.

As cryptic as this tip is, our tipster does not have any actual numbers as this was more a "be prepared" than a "GTFO" for now. This specific tip is coming out of the Coastal Business Unit but our tipster seems to feel that MidAmerica, Pacific Northwest and Houston might want to keep on their toes just in case the ax comes swinging their way.

We haven't heard this from anyone else so as yet this remains a big fat unconfirmed rumor. If you can confirm, you know what to do.