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Layoffs Watch ’13: Ernst & Young Advisory

Another one bites the dust (via the tip box):

There had been some concern among advisory professionals at EY that there could be a downsizing.  It finally happened to me today at the [redated for privacy] office.

Told that I appear to have topped out at Sr 3 and would not be promoted this year so I was let go.  He had a sheet of paper with names on it and 3 circles.  I wasn't sure if all of them were being let go or just the ones in circles.

I had utilization over 100% up until the independent consultant review for the banks came to a conclusion.  Scored 3's on the review but had 4's the year before.

EY hired a ton of people the last 6-12 months.  A lot of us have been on the bench.  The BAP program (a kind of apprenticeship) had around 25 names on the list yesterday of people sitting around.  The HR person wouldn't indicate how many others were being downsized but said that 'the numbers (I'm assuming revenue) were way off from what they were expecting' and that EY is making decisions.

I know its an advisory forum- so not really sure if advisory is noteworthy but thought that I'd put it out there.

I have purposely scrubbed the office but if any of the other 2 circles are out there and want to check in, get in touch and we'll share some of our Dove chocolates with you.

Getting dumped by Uncle Ernie on Valentine's Day? That's got to burn.