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Layoff Watch ’20: About 40 People In KPMG’s Marketing Department Got Some Bad News to Start the Week

In addition to the 350 or so people who we were told lost their jobs in the KPMG Digital Nexus group on Monday, we learned from a source that at least 40 people in KPMG’s marketing department were also laid off that day.

A KPMG spokesperson confirmed Monday’s marketing layoffs this morning but couldn’t comment on how many people were let go. The official statement from the firm:

“We’ve had a long-standing and multiyear effort underway to transform certain business enablement areas of our firm to ensure we have the right skills and capabilities in the right positions. We started this transformation — which includes a realignment of our resources — nearly two years ago. These long-planned actions are unrelated to COVID-19 or the economy.”

The source told us that the layoffs occurred across all teams within marketing—research, digital, brand strategy, functional marketing, and field marketing.

A number of people had been there 20 plus years. This after they just went through hiring spree last 9 months.

When asked what reason the firm gave for the separations, the source told us:

Reduction in force based on poor performance outlook over next 12 months.


Feel free to send us more details about the KPMG Digital Nexus and marketing layoffs by contacting us using the info below.

Good luck to everyone who got laid off this week.

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