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KPMG Advises Tulsa Police to Get into Arms Dealing

The strangest thing about this story is that KPMG had to tell the City of Tulsa, OKLAHOMA that, you know, maybe they could sell some of these guns to OKLAHOMANS for money.

Selling the hundreds of guns that Tulsa police confiscate each year instead of melting them down is one of several revenue-generating ideas included in the KPMG efficiency report.

But city and police officials said that would have to be done cautiously, if the idea makes it past the evaluation process.

“What (KPMG) is essentially saying is that we are destroying assets that could bring us revenue,” Mayoral Chief of Staff Terry Simonson said.

The report recommends the firearms be sold to certified dealers through the already-established city auction process, rather than incurring $80,000 per year in costs to dispose of them.

Once you’re able to get the idea of Oklahoma actually having firearm dealers around your skull, we will admit that we’re being a tad harsh on Tulsa.

You see, they used to sell confiscated guns until some freedom-hating police chief decided that occasionally these guns end up in the hands of bad people and that destroying them was a better solution. The fact that this even occurred in the Sooner State without a populist uproar and nightly vigils for all the destroyed Smith & Wessons is beyond comprehension.

But never mind that. Here we are, 20 years later and KPMG suggests they get back in the gun trade. God knows municipalities need the money these days and spending $80k melting down perfectly fine weapons is just silly. Sadly, not all guns are created equal:

If the city began selling guns again, [Capt. Jonathan] Brooks said, there are still many of the confiscated weapons that would have to be destroyed.

“Obviously, we wouldn’t be able to sell guns that have been modified or altered from the original manufacturer’s specifications, such as sawed-off shotguns,” he said.

“We also wouldn’t want to be selling any assault-type weapons.”

This guy also probably voted for Obama.

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