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The Key To Improving America’s Infrastructure is Kidnapping Grover Norquist

I mean really, that's going to be the only way to get anything done in Washington, obvs.

From the Washington Examiner (yeah yeah, I know):

Without more money to fix America’s roads, ports and airports, “our backs are against the wall,” said former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, the Democratic Party leader from 1999-2001. “What alternative to we have? I mean, kidnap Grover Norquist? What alternative do we have?” he said.

Haha j/k, bro, relax.

Rendell, speaking with former Obama Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood at a Bloomberg Government conference to discuss infrastructure, quickly added: “Grover, if you're listening, I was kidding.”

Our pal Grover obviously doesn't want taxes raised anywhere, for any reason, and is convinced that our roads would have plenty of money if lawmakers would ditch the Davis-Bacon Act and Project Labor Agreements. Of course, any excuse to tie him up and throw him in a dark cellar somewhere is way easier than looking for waste in the government that's tying up money which could be better used.

LaHood is all for an extra 10 cent tax indexed to inflation — no mention of whether or not he'd like to see Grover Norquist stuffed into a trunk — and reminds the Reagan fanboys that even the beloved Gipper raised the gas tax (by five cents from four cents to nine) back in 1983.

Grover's last tweet, which mentioned "union thugs," was 19 hours ago so here's hoping he's not tied up in a Brooklyn basement.