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Just So You’re Aware: There Is Now a Children’s Book Featuring An Accountant…For Your iPhone

No doubt that there’s many a fine accountant that wished there was a children’s book that they could read to their 0-4 year-old to demonstrate that it was an honorable and worthwhile calling.

Similarly there are many parents these days that wished for such a book that could be read without the annoyance of your skin touching paper and also the ability to check in at the local coffeehouse on Foursquare.

The wait is over.

Alan the Accountant is the first in a series of new books starring people in careers that are not usually associated with children’s books. Why should only builders and postmen find fame in children’s books?! Accountants are vital to the world economy, yet children are not encouraged to say I want to be an Accountant in the same way they learn about other careers. This book resets the balance.


As a student the author Jinky Fox planned to become an accountant, but was sidetracked into fine art. ‘The series of books planned for Alan the Accountant will help me examine the exciting world of Accountancy that I turned my back on,’ commented Jinky.

You see people? Jinky is giving back to the profession he left behind. Admirable to be sure. He’s so committed to the profession that there are plans to have Alan star in future books.

Now for you religious types, you may be disturbed by Alan sans pants but rest assured, this is a book for the whole family and the sanctity of your household is not at risk and it could do wonders for your personal financial management.

[via Accounting Tomorrow]